Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Adventures of Sid

Sid is our macja....little boy cat with attitude. He has been declawed and is an inside cat.
Today he decided to go on an adventure---out the balcony door and up on the neighboring roof, over the top and pewf! He was gone. You know your husband loves you when: he climbs on the roof of the 3 story house and goes after the cat! He did not find Sid. We thought he may have climbed into the window of the 3rd floor apartment. Oh my! This is Thursday and things tend to get hairy on my Thursdays. I and Leta went over to speak with the neighbor and ask her to look for our cat in HER house. No luck...he wasn't there. So we prayed and thought Sid may or may not return home. Two hours later....Sid walked into the 3rd floor doorway like nothing ever happend! We were all so glad to have Sid home...we won't scold him for running off---yet!

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jz said...

dang that looks like our old cat missy or aka (kitty)