Monday, December 18, 2006

A Cold Week is Ahead of Us

Blue...I will type this in blue...the color of my fingers and toes! Ok..not quite blue...just frozen. We are starting a colder week here with temps in the 40's-30's and that means inside...much colder. Power cuts have started on a daily basis so this doesn't help a home stay warm. Those of you who know me well, know that cold weather and I are NOT friends. So when a special friend "feeds" me Scriptures like 1 Thess. 5:16-18 ," Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."...I have to chuckle as I am huddled under a new fleece blanket (from our FBC family). Does it really mean in ALL circumstances?! Ok. I know I will eventually adjust to the just hasn't happened yet--maybe by spring.

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