Saturday, December 16, 2006

In Search of....Rice Krispies!

It was a simple retrieve one box of Rice Krispies to make those oh so simple treats. I took off in search of one box of cereal and came home one hour later with tired feet but no cereal. I did stop in countless little shops attempting in Shqip to communicate to the shop doesn't take long to use all the words and phrases I know. Then I am off to another store. I know RC is here...I have seen it and bought it before...I would not give up hope. Those marshmallows from the States (sent by a very sweet sister-in-law) were intended for Rice Krispy Treats. Later in the evening, after borrowing a vehicle from our teammates Don, Jesse and I went to the big supermarket and did some grocery shopping and YEP...found the Rice Krispies:). Perseverance! Now to make those wonderfully American treats!

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JWilund said...

I am making rice krispy treats with the kids tomorrow so I will share your story with them and we will pray for you and thank God for our wonderful Aldi's at the end of our street! :) Love you! Jean