Thursday, December 7, 2006

Riding on the "Sardine" Unaza Bus

Zero personal space!
We forfeit the right to any personal space upon entering.
Someone is right under my nose and I am right under someones armpit!
I wonder just how many more people can fit on an Unaza bus. Just when I think, I can't have any more people around me, there is not enough oxygen for this many people on one bus ...then we stop at another bus stop and MORE people pile on. Tonight, I just started to laugh as Jesse and I rode the bus home from soccer. Laugh or's the experience of the sardine bus. This bus route runs around the outer ring of the city and all of these busses are turquose in know your on the right bus that way. For only 20 lek (+/- 25 cents) you can ride till your hearts content on this bus! What a bargain!!!Trust me...we don't ride it for fun just necessity! Somedays I can't make myself fight to get on if it is already packed to the hilt.
One day I will earn the right to a seat....old ladies with gray hair have earned this right!
I'm not too far away!

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