Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sports...with boys it is an event in any country!

Our family has come from being a basketball preferring a soccer cheering group!
Here it is called for Americans... and Jesse has been playing on an after school league with alot of his school/church friends. It has been great to watch him take on a different sport and do well at goalie position. Jesse Z. is know as the American kid who can loft the ball from the goalie box clean across the field! Hey, that sounds like quarterback material to me...but I am just the job is to cheer and encourage them on. The season is over and it came down to the championship game...a tie...then 5 penalty kicks for each team. When it was all over our team did not win the ...but it was sure fun to watch! Jesse now wants goalie gloves for Christmas...who would have thought that?! Go TEAM!

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jz said...

go rooty, u da man, thats the zollinger way,