Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Taking an Albanian "Taksi"

Well, today marks a first for me...at the ripe old age of....never mind...I took a taxi by myself. I had been out grocery shopping for hours and had too many bags and my backpack was full. That's the thing about shopping here...you should only purchase what you can carry home. Well, taking the Unaza bus was not an option this afternoon. They were crammed packed! Walking might have worked but I thought I might have to give away some of our groceries to survive the walk. So I risked humiliation and being laughed at...I told the driver where I wanted to go and asked how much it would be. When he said the magic "300lek" ( about $3.30) words-- I was in the vehicle with my groceries piled beside me! Now, I had to communicate how to get to our house from the other side of the city. God was gracious...I got a nice old man who was a safe driver and he understood me enough to deliver me right to the end of our alley. AMEN! It may be a small step in learning this language of Shqip (Albanian) but I felt like I was on clouds! We are making progress in language learning and we still have much to learn...but days like today are small victories---they make you want to get up tomorrow and study some more.

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