Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Visit to Remember

I went on a hospital visit with a fellow worker here. She is a sweet lady who has a great ministry with the poor in this area. She and I went to one of the local hospitals to visit the Pediatric/ICU room (there are only 6-7 beds). She visits there weekly to visit and pray for the children and their families. Usually, those who are seriously sick here are not valued...their life is not treasured.There were 3 baby boys there on the day we went...3 sweet lives that God loves and values. We spoke with the nurses/aides about each child and asked if we could pray for them...we were granted permission to pray for each of them. Susannah was able to bring laughter to one of the babies faces before we left...the nurse said that was the first time they had seen him laugh. We pray we were an encouragement to those we spoke with and for those little baby boys who are so sick---even if it was only to see a smiling face looking down on them. Thank you Lord for each little life.

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