Friday, December 22, 2006

We were on day 4 for the clothes to dry!

With all the power problems this week and the rainy weather...I thought our laundry would never get dry! Don moved our gas heater up the flight of stairs so we could try that as a way to get dry them. So I spent the better part of a morning watching clothes dry, turning and flipping them so that they would evenly dry. Today I was so excited to see the sun out...I could wash 2 loads (they take almost 2 hours to wash) then hang them up on the drying rack for some sun and wind outside. Later today, after hearing a loud crash on the balcony...I just knew that my clean clothes were no loner upright. They had been blown over by a big puff of wind and now lie in a heap. After picking them up and dragging them inside I was just happy to find that they were dryer than before...even if they had a few dirt smudges on them. Dry is good! The chore of laundry is not quite as simple as it used to be.

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