Friday, January 5, 2007

Celebrating the New Year--Albanian

Our New Year's celebration started early on Saturday evening at church. It was a potluck/party that included Albanian style dancing:). Ok...we don't have alot of rhythm so this was a learning experience for us all (except Jesse...he refused..maybe next year). The dancing looks a bit like a Greek style of line dancing...we shared in alot of laughs as we tried to not step on too many toes! On Sunday, we went to another family's home to eat, play Pictionary and watch the fireworks. The fireworks were the most amazing thing to watch...picture them going off ALL over the city and coming from roof tops, balconies, streets, and the center of town. EVERYONE seemed to be setting them off--from the youngest to the oldest. Not a very safe time to be on the streets but it was nice to view it from the safety of our friend's balcony. Most Albanians stay up very late...3 or 4am and then not much is open the next day or two. Recovery time, I guess. New Year's here was an experience to say the least!

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