Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fuzzy Socks Make Me Smile

Oh! How I love fuzzy socks!!! I just figured out why...they are the ONLY things that stay soft after going through the wash and cold line drying process here:)! The days of dryer sheets and Snuggle softness (aren't those commercials catchy?) are over. Our towels are like natural loofahs, no need to buy any. So I just thought I would share my gratitude for all of you who have sent me pretty,soft, fuzzy socks! My feet are happily layered in 2 pair ....thanks a bunch dear friends. The Z- men received socks as well...but mine are much prettier! They are ok with that...wonder why?!

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bballrox830 said...

Hey Mrs. Z! Ah I love fuzzy socks .. they are the best!! Well glad to hear yall are doing ok. Let me know if there's anything yall need or really want :)

Luv ~ Becca