Saturday, January 27, 2007

Going for a Visit...

When we first moved into our house the neighbor lady asked me to come for a coffee.
I would ask when and since my language is 2 yr old level we never connected it all together. Now that Julee is here (our teammate) she initiated the "coffee visit" for me. So Friday we went for a visit. Julee knows the language well and she told that for the first year or so I would have to learn to sit and listen on visits because my language is not there yet. So we went and I sat and said VERY little (I know that is hard to need to comment!) but I learned alot. Culturally a visit follows this order: talk some, offered a candy or cookie, tea, a fruit, and later coffee. Turkish coffee is the signal that the visit is almost over and the hostess will not offer anything else. Our visit lasted over an hour and my brain was mush with all the Shqip language floating around. The conversations went from family, corrupt government, family, power outages, family, fresh fruits, family, etc. So you see that family is very important here in Albania. I have to agree on that topic. I am thankful that our first visit is over and with 4 hours of language study that brain needed a rest.

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