Sunday, January 21, 2007

Have I mentioned that I miss Wal-mart?

Ok. I know that when we live in the States we all complain about how Wal-mart has taken over the small businesses. Well, I miss shopping in a big warehouse with big grocery carts! To know that the item you have always bought will 99% always be there. To have everything you need to shop for under ONE roof ! To be able to shop for all types of clothing and to have dressing rooms to make sure the items fit. To be able to buy meat (that doesn't look at you first) on nice little white Styrofoam cartons....;) Yes, I have to say that in the States we can miss out on the personal aspect of buying from so many different people like those at the: meat stores, veggies sellers, fruit sellers, shoe stores, clothes stores, bread shops, dairy shops,the plastic stuff seller, the gum man, the watch battery shop, big flea-market type stores, etc. But there are many days when I miss going to Wal-mart and filling up a cart with most everything I need, paying with my ATM card, and driving home with my purchases. I never thought about missing a Wal-mart...funny huh?!

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