Sunday, January 21, 2007

How did he get down 4 stories?!

Sid...another excursion...out into the wild world. He slipped out again! We were on our way to church and new that he had left out the balcony doors earlier in the day. Don prayed for Sid's safe return and we realized that God knew where our cat was. On our way home from church...we met our teammates/now neighbors running down the alley."We found your cat!" they yelled. Somehow, Sid had made it to the back alley behind our 4 story building...he left from the 4th story balcony! Julee "encouraged" him inside with a piece of chicken...he was on the landing when I opened the front door of our building. What a relief! He is now resting up as he is exhausted from his adventures in the wild outdoors:)

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