Friday, January 5, 2007


Well, right after Christmas our teammates (yes, all of them) went on vacation most of them to Greece. We were the "unofficial" pet sitters and usually that is not a problem...we love animals. When you hear your husband say, "It will not die on my watch!" know that you have a problem! We were in charge of: 1 dog, 1 extra cat, 2 fish and 2 hamsters. The first day on the job Rusty, a hamster, escaped twice! Five days in...Wilson, another hamster was found stiff and shivering...he didn't like the cold weather in the empty house. So Don and Jesse "revived" him by the radiator heater and he came alive...PTL! They decided to bring him to our house and keep him warm here. BUT, a heater was accidently left off one night and we found him stiff once again...oh do we explain this?! So Jesse revived him by a heater and he survived "vacation time at the Zollingers". We were relieved when the Eshelman's returned so we could give back Wilson---alive! We have only 1 hamster left to keep alive until his family returns...the heater is long as the power cooperates he should be fine. Who knew pet sitting could be so nerve wracking!

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