Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pressure Cooking 101

I did not have to scrape dinner off of the ceiling! That is a miracle and a blessing. Our teammate, Julee, gave me my first lesson in using a pressure cooker (thank you Sandy B. for the gift). Our day started out with shopping in a meat store nearby...that was an experience in and of itself. No little white Styrofoam packaging...ugh and the size of the meat cleaver. Julee gave me instructions on what to do with the meat,veggies, water, and the cooker...then she left. That was when fear crept into the picture. The what ifs and oh No's...I could just see myself with meat and veggies all over the kitchen ceiling. The boys would've had fun with that story on Xanga sites. Well, we had success and Julee came back later to check on us (me and the cooker!). All turned out well....dinner was served and the family happy. I think I can use the pressure cooker again without fear...as long as my friend is a phone call away:)

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