Sunday, February 11, 2007

2nd Grade Books & New Language Experiences

Our grammar teacher sent us out to get a new book....a 2nd grade grammar book.
Trust me---we are making progress---it could have been a Kindergarden level :)! So now we are adding another book to our arsenol of learning tools. We both will test soon to see just how we are doing and what areas we need to work harder.

This week I will have Leta come an extra day to teach me to cook Albanian dishes. FUN! This is a language learning experience...she doesn't speak English this will be an adventure that Betty Crocker doesn't have a recipe for!

I will also start to go to the Roma neighborhood with Julee this week. It will also be for the language learning experience. We are told that most of our first year and a half will be predominantly I will be listening alot on these visits and practicing my memorized introduction of who I am and alittle about our family. Pray for me this Friday as we go out for the visits.

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JWilund said...

Don't feel too bad about the 2nd grade grammar book...some of us need one for our OWN language!
We are praying for you!!!
Love to you all!