Wednesday, February 14, 2007

There is Fuzzy Mold in My Dolap (Wardrobe)!

OK...last night I was on the search for mold in the house. Mold is a winter problem here and doesn't go away completely until summer. I have to spend time bleaching the windows and wall areas & MY DOLAP! I was very surprised to see long, fuzzy mold growing on the inside of my could have been a science project in the making :(
Just another area of adjusting and working around the difficulties here in Albania. Just thought I'd share.


JWilund said...

Oh my!!! I smelled a funky smell in the girls' room lately (which with a snake and hamster is not too surprising) but I finally located the culprit...Brittany's 3 day old chocolate milk. UGH! Nothing like sour chocolate milk to freshen up a room!! Fortunately we have not had to fight mold. Why is it such a problem? Is it very humid there? I remember when we moved from Clemson and pulled our very large dresser away from the wall for the first time since we had moved in and we found a science experiment on the walls behind it. Quite embarrassing in front of those helping us move. Ha! I think it was because our insulation was non-existant. We actually had ivy grow into our house in one spot through a small hole in the wall. No wonder we froze in that house in the winter. I hope you are staying warm. We can't decide if it is winter or spring here. It's going to be a little winter-like over the next few days, but it was quite warm two days ago!!

Oh, by the way...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Much love to all of you Zollingers!!! You are always on our hearts and minds and in our prayers!!!


traveller one said...

Looking forward to reading more about your life in Tirana!