Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Recently ...

* I love to see my "spinach lady" smiling as I bought the biggest bag of fresh spinach I could--for 200 lek
* a neighbor patted my shoulder and said,"Americans are good!" ---glad she likes us!
* in grammar we learned yet another CASE in the Albanian language....oh there are too many!
* Jesse went to the "gabi" (the outdoor flea market run by Roma) to buy BIG clothes for a special school day to raise money for charity.
* Jordan and Eno (his language helper) went to play pool so Jordan could practice his "Shqip"with the guys there.
*Don took our American TV to get repaired. He strapped it to our hand truck and walked it over to a friend's house---about 10-15 walk. He taped a sign to the tv so he would be able to answer ALL the questions from those he passed on the street! PTL... our tv now works. I was transported here in our shipping container just fine and then we get it here and plug it in to the 220v outlet. That is the wrong thing to do! So it fried and was out of commission for 6 months.
* Today, Leta and I began to "lift the house"! It is the Albanian phrase that is similar to "spring cleaning". I love that phrase...lift the house:)! She sure helps me with my Shqip...corrects me and encourages me to keep speaking.

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