Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Thoughts

"You (Lord) are the only One who can give hope to those who have only known hopelessness."
(Voices of the Faithful)

These people [the Roma ] should become the object of my intercession...praying on their behalf. Expect great things from God!

Our family went to dinner at our friends' place this week. They are the house parents at Bethany Christian Services/Orphanage here in Tirana. My heart goes out to them...the workers there have 45+/- little ones to care for. Abandoned children from a few months old to 5 yrs old...sweet faces with very sad beginnings. One little girl was left in the center of town at the huge landmark Skenderbeg Square... the nurses named her Alicia Skender. What a beautiful child! Jesus does love ALL the little children.

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