Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm Back...

It's been awhile since the last post...March and April...not great months for me. We have had many things go on and many activities take place. I will try to catch you up to date as I can.
The big thing here is that SPRING has sprung in Tirana! The days of short sleeves and sandals are definitely here. It's not too hot yet and I have a flower planting "bug" this week. My language helper will be giving me clippings from her plants to see if I can have plants of my own on our balcony. I went out today to buy 2 flower pots and dirt. Yep, dirt! I don't have a patch of earth anywhere near our house...no grass,trees, dirt, etc. So I found the "dirt man", paid my money and thankfully Jordan was able to carry it home for me. I am thankful the "dirt man" was near Jordan's school! So I hope to cheer up our very bare balcony in the coming weeks...pray for those poor plants left in my care. Signed, Krystal "The Green Thumb Wantabee"

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