Sunday, May 20, 2007

Riding and Smiling!--a very bad poem:)

To church we went on our bikes
Praying for no rain to spoil our trek
Our backpacks stuffed with our Bibles, headphones and the like
We made it to church on time without a speck
(of rain on my curly head would be a bad sight!)

The worship and message all in Shqip
It was encouraging to hear the people praise our Lord.
The music we sang in our new tongue that we hope to keep
The message translated in English into my headphones
(to lose the meaning I couldn't afford.)

Our after church fun was a trip to the Kolonat
A place that tries to be like McD's
But oh, please...they are not!
The fries are what we went for as they are close to original
But we brought our own ketchup as they only sell you the minimal:)

The ride home was adventurous,
I know it's hard to believe that I would agree to anything that could be risky.
I know that God heard my plea
For we arrived safely home
And up the stairs galore
I don't think I could have peddled anymore!


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