Friday, June 29, 2007

Boys are Home from MK Camp

We are thankful to have Jordan and Jesse home from MK Camp! They had a great week and have many stories to tell us. They actually picked a good week to gone. Don and I have been sick this week with a virus that for me turned into a nasty sinus infection. So after a 15 minute walk to the clinic, seeing the doctor, 15 minute walk back home....Don went to get the I am on medication and hopefully on the mend. This week has been truly hot, and full of frustrations...but God is still faithful and in control. The temperatures were very hot, we were very sick, no electricity one evening (of course one of the hottest), and not a drop of water all day yesterday. I know there are many lessons for me to learn in all of this...I just wish I could learn them when I am not sick.:)
Someone said that inconveniences were just opportunities ...boy have we had our share this week! Anyone else have weeks like that!?

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