Monday, July 2, 2007

Did I hear you correctly?

OK, I think I am making progress in this language. But, some days I wish I didn't understand as much as I do! I am learning (yes, I was pre-warned) that in this society it is acceptable to ask those questions & make comments that we in American would think rude....such as:

"How old are you?" (Even by people you just met!)
"What did you pay for that?" ( I mean down to the ironing board.)
"How much do you get paid for your job?"
"You are fat." (I am told this is not an insult...just means your are healthy!)
"You have big hips; but, then I have a belly." (That was so comforting...not!)

So I am learning that I just have to shake it off and repeat to myself..."I am loved by God and I am to love my neighbors!"I hope to have thicker skin by the time I reach my 2 year mark here. We'll see.
So when you start to feel bad about your body image or age...if you're in the States most people will NOT tell you point blank about it! :0)

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