Sunday, July 29, 2007

God at Work!

Well, the next day of the Tirana project we were told to move and not use the school location any longer. I was very discouraged! It was a great spot for this ministry and the kids and parents were already comfortable with it. BUT, we had to move to a car wash lot that our church had rented out for the 2 weeks of outreach. IT was not the optimal spot--in my mind. But as it was being set up for the program,only 6 sweet kids had shown up. I couldn't believe it. Not one of the preschoolers or moms had come and we had worked on friendships all week!
Cathy and I decided to drive to the old location to give the moms we could find the presents we had put together to encourage them. When we arrived there, the cell phone rang...COME BACK! ALL THE KIDS AND THEIR MOMS HAVE JUST WALKED THROUGH THE GATE!!! Talk about a God size thing! We just knew that they would not walk that distance to come to the kids program...but they sure did and we all just couldn't quit smiling! We were able to tell the Bible story about Jonah and sing all the Bible songs we wanted!!! What a great day!

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