Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jete per Tiranen

Life for Tirana! This is a project that our church here is participating in with others to reach out to the people of Tirana. We are having 2 weeks of outreach projects in the neighborhood near the church. Car washes, handing out water, kids sports days, children's outreaches like a VBS style of things. Our family has been helping in these things for the past week and it has been a good opportunity to get to show alot of kids and adults the love of Christ through our actions. We talk as much Albanian as possible! The youth sports meetings had 3 boys accept Christ this week! What a blessing! The children's outreach has seen many children coming to the meetings and I was elbow deep in bubbles last night! But, we know we are in enemy territory....we have now been told to not sing or tell religious stories, don't pray inside the building, and we have to move our meeting to behind the building...this was very discouraging for me to hear.
Tonight we will go...have the meeting at the back, adjust where we can in the meeting, and pray harder! I am helping with the preschoolers and we have put together a gift bag for the moms and grandmas who bring their little ones to the meetings. We hope to bless them and show them we care. Thanks for praying for us this week we have 1 more week for the project in this neighborhood. I'll post pictures at another time...on high speed.

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