Friday, August 10, 2007

Bike Trouble

Well, everyone has a bike story if you ride one here in Tirana. Here's mine...
Jesse and I had just split up to go our separate ways for the rest of the afternoon and of course traffic is nuts. Every intersection is blocked, horns are blaring and you get the picture. I was on my way to a meeting and got stuck in traffic:)...I was on the other side of an intersection blocked by other cars, bikes, motor scooter and lots of people. So I was at a standstill, when some guy on his motor scooter runs into my back tire and mangles it. I was fine, just struck speechless...(for those of you who know me...I know that is shocking!). He kept on going and never turned back to see if he had hurt an old lady on a bike! Someone later told Don, he wasn't shocked at that and "Welcome to Tirana!". Great! So now I have a basket full of books, a tire that won't roll and I am still STUCK in traffic. So after getting out of the road, calling home, and trying to calm my frustrations...Jesse came to get the bike and had to half roll/half carry it home. The good news is 2 parts: 1. on the way home, Jesse had 2 different women help him carry the bike home 2. Don and Jesse have fixed the bike and I am back on wheels TODAY! So now I have wheels for 2 more weeks and then I must return the trusty bike to its rightful owner....thanks Melodye for allowing me summer wheels.

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