Friday, August 10, 2007

Food Swap

Our landlord's mother is living on the 2nd floor of our building. She is here until the end of the month enjoying the vacation with her 2 grandsons. She has been so nice. This week I gave her some of the cookies with peanut butter chips that we had made. Then that was the topic of chat at the "couch" that night. Then she immediately brought me up a bowl of "soup". The next night, a bowl of bean soup----hummmm. Last night a bowl of fresh figs! Ok, I have never had fresh figs and only know about figs in Fig Newtons! So I have to fast find a recipe !This has turned out fun for the week as we never know what will show up at our door in that Food Swap bowl. Today, I think I will return the bowl with banana bread in it for her. Oh, I need to go study how to talk about banana I will be ready for tonight's "couch" chat!

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