Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mom & Jesse Day

Friday Jesse and I rode bikes to the SkyTower building for salep! The ride there in Tirana traffic...chaos. The day before I thought that I would become a van hood ornament...but my guardian angels were fast on the feet! The SkyTower used to be the tallest building in there is one other that is taller. But, the SkyTower has a coffee bar that rotates! So we went, Jesse had salep (I can't describe it...ask Jesse) and then took off to get 2 slices of pizza and waters for a lunch in the park. YES, green grass and trees. So we found a seat to enjoy the moment and our lunches. To end this lunch we rode by the ice cream shop (one of many here in the summer only). We ordered blueberry icecream cones and that put the finishing touches on a great lunch out together. (All for under 600 lek! What a bargain!) When we arrived home...I was whooped and needed a nap. The heat, traffic stress and miles on the bike...I am just not as young as I used to be :)! I hope that I gave Jesse a good memory to store of his times with Mom!

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