Monday, August 27, 2007

You Know You're a Missionary When...

  1. You find your family watching an old VHS tape from 1996 of the NBA Eastern Finals Game 1 between the Magic and the Bulls :)...I can't remember who won, can you?
  2. You have tried to wash dishes all day (that are now piled very high on every counter in the kitchen) and have had to battle with 2 power outages and an empty water reservoir. Now the breakfast dishes need to be sandblasted!
  3. You just think it's normal to see 3-4 people on one moped! Is there a maximum load on those things?
  4. You float back between you native language and this strange one that you are learning over and over and over.
  5. You get excited about finding cat litter in's only a 30 minute walk to go get it and 30 minutes back home again. But you are happy because Sid the cat is happy!
  6. The commercials and extras on DVD's are just as entertaining as the real movie.
  7. You think often, "I can't wait for furlough so I can do_____________or go ________."
  8. Being stared at is "normal".
  9. People just don't get why we would be here and leave the "land of plenty".
  10. God has confirmed His calling on your life by showing you who He loves and tells you to go share it with them.

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