Saturday, September 15, 2007

Green Finger Nails on a Friday Night

Today I have green finger nails. No I have not been painting anything or decided against hand washing. Last night we were at the Roma Bible study time and one of the little girls decided to share her lime green fingernail polish with me:) It is not the color of choice for me, but I decided to leave it on a few days to help remind me to pray for this little one that Jesus loves.
Last night they colored with the Crayons that I brought with me, we "chatted" about the beautiful pictures they were making, laughed, hugged, and held the hands of another little one who had been injured with a rock slung by the hands of an older girl out in the neighborhood. Seeing all the faces of these children make the 30 minute walk there on Friday nights worth the trip---even when I feel I am just too tired to take another step. I brought home the green on my finger nails, the colored pages they gave to me as presents and their little faces etched on my heart.

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