Monday, October 29, 2007

A Fashion Nightmare on 2 Wheels!

Ok. I am not the most fashion conscience individual here...but I just know that last Friday was over the edge for me. The problem will continue through the cold weather here. When we go to the Roma neighborhood for Bible studies or is appropriate for me to wear a long skirt or dress. Now that it is colder, I have to wear pants underneath of those long skirts or dresses! Now picture that with socks, Clarks, a sweater and my jean jacket ALL while I am riding my bike. I had to chuckle at myself on the way there. But, here there is no wrong combination of colors, etc. so I guess I just fit it a bit. I just wish the pants didn't peak out from under the dress so much:)! My wonderful outfit did not stop me, Marsela, Gerti and Llondi from coloring or playing Memory while the men visited last week. I don't think the kids cared about my clothes, only that I showed up to play with them.

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