Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pumpkin Shopping

Last week we bought a big pumpkin in the market. It is a beauty!

I want you to know that with Don it would have stayed in the market and never made it home. He sat it on his bike seat and balanced it as he pushed his bike home. I walked beside, hoping that all the way home it wouldn't hit the ground as we maneuvered around traffic, pedestrians, sellers, and stopping along the way to talk with friends we came across. When we finally arrived home, after giving many people something to stare at and talk about :), the pumpkin got a bath and now sits with our fall decorations! This year, I will attempt to cook the pumpkin so I can use it to make pies, breads, etc. I am hopeful that I can do it! The only pumpkin I've ever cooked with has been Libby's in a can....oh those were the days...:0).

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