Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun with my language helpers!

I have to admit I have great language helpers! Arta, my grammar teacher, is awesome...she still has a smile after teaching me for a year and a half! She pushes me to work past what I know and that is good thing. Alda, my other language helper, is great and she is a great encourager. My job is to make her smile or laugh as I tell her of all my blunders for the week! She gets a kick out of my sayings....those that are "Krystalisms" and not purely correct English. Such as "I'm cooked!" ---this is when my brain can hold nothing more....I guess that just doesn't translate correctly into Albanian. Oh there are many more....she just shakes her head and smiles questioningly. Shpresa, my conversation helper, is a married lady with 2 boys and a believer also. She and I meet 2 times a week to just talk in Shqip...NO English for 1-2 hrs....that is a stretching time for me but I learn so much from her. We get into topics that I have questions about or something that is significant in her life that week or just I want to know type things. Last week, we covered topics such as death, government, times under Communism, and words that I should know but NOT use. Very helpful stuff! We tend to laugh until we cry at times...I guess that's better than only crying!

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