Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Furlough? What's that?

Furlough/home assignment is a time for missionaries to travel back to their home country and ......what exactly? I know that the real purpose is to reconnect with supporting churches and friends, to try to make new connections in order to share the work on the field. In my heart, I have expectations that will not be realistic...I already know that. I want to see Jeremy (our oldest son) alot and visit our parents, families and friends. We need to visit churches in various states, and supporters,get medical check ups, dental work, shop to restock for the next 2 years, and set aside some special family time, etc. ...the list is endless. I can't wait to visit Wal-mart, shop with a cart and to DRIVE a vehicle!!! Jordan wants to take his written driver's test while we are Stateside as well. We only have about 3 months to accomplish all of this! We want to leave right after Jordan's school is finished (this means Jesse would miss the last week or 2 of his school) and then return here by the end of August. That is not alot of time...as we are being reminded by those more seasoned than us. So Don has many details to work out as he plans all of this from this side of the ocean, where EVERYTHING takes much longer to do. We know that God is faithful and we have to rely on His provision for this trip back home. Can't wait to see as many of you as possible!

PS. and did I mention we have to find a cat sitter for Sid...just another thing to put on the to do list.:)

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