Sunday, February 10, 2008

God can even use me and crayons!

I just think that God is so creative and has such a sense of humor! On Friday nights we go to the Bible study in the neighborhood and last Friday we had 6 kids, 3 women, 2 men plus the 4 of us(workers) all in one room. That's where the wood stove is and it's warm! A Bible story is given, prayers are lifted up, questions are asked and answers are offered....there is only one Roma believer out of all in the room. BUT, my job and I love to bring my black "fun bag" full of coloring pages and crayons! We go through about 40-50 pages each night:) and many,many crayons as well.(THANKS to all of you who have given me crayons for this time.)
I just find it amazing that God would use me and my limited language ability, crayons and coloring pages to show these kids (and even the women who like to color) His love for them.
We have to make the kids wait to get the pages out until AFTER the worship songs are done....and they sure like to sing! If I'm not careful, they are into my bag behind my back looking for their crayons and pages. We have lots of fun, as I ooh and ahh over each page that they give back to me. I'd need an appliance store to tack up all the pages on frigerators that I get back every week! I am grateful that I can go and be a small part of what God is doing in these lives that we so want to come to have a relationship with Him. Keep praying!

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