Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Mary Kay Day in the Lagjja

Today I went with Julee to the neighborhood. We went to visit with E. who had a birthday this week. We went prepared to paint fingernails and do Mary Kay Satin Hands treatments for the ladies and girls. This is a treat for any of us...but more so for our friends there. They have much hardship in their everyday life and a bit of pampering is enjoyed! They would heat the water on the wood stove in the room and then we'd begin our girl time of fun. We probably did a dozen or more hand treatments this morning and painted nails with pink, purple and reds...they like little flowers painted on the top coat. I didn't understand everything that was said but had fun just doing something for them and using the words that I do know. Julee translates for me when I get confused...she did say that some of the ladies continue to ask me to give them my skirt!
(Can't do that...then I wouldn't have one long enough to go for visits there!) I hope that we gave E and her girls +++ plus the neighbor ladies a fun few hours. Nail polish and Mary Kay...who would have thought...but we used it to show love to the women we are building relationships with.

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