Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Strange Sites and Happenings...

1. I was walking back to the bus stop from Jesse's school one day and what was I sharing the sidewalk with? A Rooster! He acted like he owned the walk and then yep, decided to cross the road...the traffic did let him pass. I have come to the conclusion that roosters have the right of way here and not people.

2. I am amazed at the new traffic lights, pedestrian lights, lines on the roads in some areas of Tirana. I am even more amazed when someone obeys those sign, rules,etc. But then when they do those behind them honk their horn like crazy as they are impatient behind the wheel and think that they deserve to keep moving despite what a sign might say. Note: I haven't driven since getting here.

3. Carolyn and I were walking to Bible study last week and we carried precious cargo with us in our bags ...homemade tortillas bowls.Yum! Well, somehow we lost a bag on our someone in Tirana enjoyed tortillas the same night as we did. On our way back home, we didn't see any trace of them. They are gone forever!

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