Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's Day May 2008

I am thankful for Jeremy (& his girlfriend Kim).
Jeremy called on Skype this morning and left a message that I woke up to on our computer.
I tried not to cry...didn't work.
I love him bunches and being away from him has really hit hard this week.
Jordan and Jesse...2 more reasons to make me smile on Mother's Day. They too are wonderful sons! They made me a special card and wrote from their hearts....I'll keep this one forever too:) Life is NEVER dull with a house full of boys! Fun 24/7! Love you both!

I am blessed beyond measure with the 3 best sons in the world! Don is also a huge gift from God, he was so sweet! This year as he bought me 3 red roses and 1 white one...representing my Z men!

I miss my own Mom so much today. I can't wait to see her in a month and catch up on the last almost 2 years. I really appreciate all that she has sacrificed for me and how she is such a giving person. I know that she has huge heart, loves God and her family.
I love her very much! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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