Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Pizza Man Delivered!

It was a milestone in my language learning! I hosted "Fun Night" for our ladies group here at our house in April. We decided to relax, watch a movie and eat pizza. Well, someone had to order those pizzas in Albanian, OVER THE PHONE! The phone is a difficult thing, I can't use my hands or expressions to communicate what I want as I am speaking. So a few days prior to our meeting, I wrote out a script, worked with my helpers and practiced ordering pizza and giving directions to our house. (note: no clear street addresses with numbers here) So the time came and the ladies were arriving, I had to make the call. I dialed, ordered and breathed a sigh of relief...that the lady had understood me. BUT, here you have to give directions twice. So I knew that they would call back and I'd have to do it all again.

We were hoping that I had been clear in my directions and that we (11 women + our family) would indeed be eating pizza. We waited, I paced, and then ...the doorbell rang...IT WAS THE PIZZA MAN on his motor scooter! We let out a hoop and a holler...it was a success. I was so relieved. Who knew that ordering pizza could be so stressful?!:)

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