Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saying Goodbyes....and then Hellos!

It is a never ending part of our life. We say goodbyes on both sides of the ocean to family and friends, loved ones. This month and next we will say goodbye to 5 teammates who will not be coming back for the next term. It is hard on all of us because these people are part of our team family here in Albania. As well and teammate goodbyes, we have other friends in the community that come and go every year as their time in Albania comes to a close and God directs them elsewhere. The boys say good bye to friends here after every school year knowing that it may be the last time that they see that particular friend. Changes. Never fun. Part of Life.

I have to say that I am looking forward to saying a bunch of hellos!! We leave for the USA in 10 days and see Jeremy 17 days. We have note on the frig counting down the days as we are very excited about seeing everyone and experiencing America again after almost 2 years! I can't wait to drive!!!Watch out here I come...I still have a driver's license and I aim to use it!

We hope to see alot of you this summer and catch up on life!

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