Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Countdown to Summer Furlough

We are down to 5 days until we leave for our summer furlough time. We then have an additional 7 days until we will see our oldest son Jeremy. We are all ready for a break from language and culture and to reconnect with our family and friends. It is amazing how tiring living in a foreign country can be. I know that we don't have it's just that the with everything that is different/difficult it can really zap you of your energy. Now the summer heat is beginning, water problems, etc....I think that it is all well timed to try to discourage us before leaving.

We were talking about how much has happened since we came to Albania almost 2 years ago and how much God has taught us. We know a lot more language than in the beginning, we don't get lost like we used to, riding the bus or taking a taxi isn't a big deal, and we are building relationships here with our new friends and neighbors. We do have so much more to learn, but it is a blessing to not be back at the beginning as well.

Our calendar is filling up for in the States. We land late on a Friday night then we hit the road running and share in a church that Sunday morning! I think I will still be lost in the fog of jet lag....oh my!:) We can't wait to shop in a Wal-mart...I thought that might happen before we speak somewhere so we could by some new things first. Who knows at this point. We just want to be able to share what God is doing here and how blessed we are to be a part of it.

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