Monday, July 28, 2008

Furlough Frenzy...

I am not sure where to begin. We left Albania June 6th for the USA and so far have been in many states, put numerous miles on the old trusty white van, shared in churches, small groups, and big groups and had great times with family and friends. We have spent alot of time with Jeremy and caught up on life with him. HUGE BLESSING! I have had a hysterectomy...ouch...and now am recovering. We are still waiting to see how God brings in the needed monthly support so that we can return to Albania by the end of August. That is a God-size thing...we can't figure it out. But we know that we are where we should be and God knows the timing of it all. I think I will eventually write blurbs about our furlough travels to tell about how awesome this summer has been. So be patient if you can and I will get you all caught up on how things have been going for the Zollingers stateside this summer. Thanks for all you prayers!

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