Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watching God Work!

Amazing! We are sitting in D.C....watching and waiting as the Lord brings in the remainder of our monthly support. We only need $100 per month in additional support now!
When we rented the 2 vehicles to get our family, 8 pieces of luggage, 4 carry on-s, 2 guitars and 7 boxes that we are shipping to Albania....we still needed $350 per month in support. We just felt we needed to continue forward until God stopped us. We woke up this morning and found that we only needed $ by mid-afternoon is it $100. We have tickets for a 6pm flight tomorrow (Sunday) but if we don't have the support then Don will stay behind until we do. I think we will ALL be on that plane!
Thanks for praying and for your support! We have great family and friends!

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