Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What goes into sending out our newsletter?

This month's newsletter was quite an undertaking! Usually, Don spends much time on his front page and I spend time on the back. I think about what has happened in the last 2 months and what I want to share with everyone. We send it to our friends who for that past several times, have printed, folded, stuffed, labeled and mailed them out. The count is approx 225 printed and 250 or so e-mail version.

BUT this time we printed most all of them because we had a new prayer card made. The boys have grown up and Don and I have grown old! :) Our families got together after an angel of a friend(Mary) printed this newsletter for us! She saved us so much money!!
We folded and stuffed and did labels until we were slap happy....all the while laughing as we watched an old DVD series "Here Come the Brides"---it was great. I just want everyone to know that when you hold the newsletter in your hand this was because of the help of great friends with huge hearts for missions! THANK YOU!!!

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