Friday, September 5, 2008


We are now adjusting to sights, sounds and smells that are part of life in Albania since we landed on Monday afternoon.
Sights: traffic of cars, bikes, motor scooters and buses, while other people walking everywhere, little shops everywhere that sell this and that, street vendors, the smiling faces of my friend Zana and her children on the street, the welcome "cheek" kisses of neighbors and Albanian friends here

Sounds: constant noise of cars, horns, people, radios, drums beating for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan this month, dogs barking (when they should be sleeping), the phone ringing ---that we now have a split line with our landlady downstairs :) we never know who it's for until we say Alo!

Smells: some of it just can't be described, other like fresh bread baking in the shops...yum!

We are not in "America"anymore and it doesn't take long to figure that out. But today, "It's all good," as Jordan likes to say!

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