Friday, September 12, 2008

Learning new things everyday.

Today I talked with my landlady on the outside couch. She was telling me her grandson just had a special birthday #7. Here that is a more special birthday. I told her a bit about our birthday traditions too.

She also shared that she is fasting from foods (not beverages due to her meds) from 4am -7:15 pm during this Ramadan season. She is a M. and this is her way she says. Not all Albanians follow the rules of Ramadan. Someone in our area lights off nightly fireworks between 10-11pm though...not a great time for us...I just get to sleep and here come the fireworks! Ugh!

A new language helper told me that in Albania, you don't claim neices and nephews from your spouses side. Only from your own sisters or brothers....that way you don't have obligations to both sides. I told her I like to "claim" ALL the neices and nephews on both sides, not because of obligations but because I love them.

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