Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One of many concerns...

Today, I saw Kristina on the way home. She showed me her foot which looks very infected on top. Probably due to running around barefoot, picking through the trashes and poor hygeine. Sad! So tomorrow I will try to take her to the medical clinic that is run by friends here. I have never done this for one of my R. friends this will be a learning experience. Please pray for clear direction for tomorrow and healing for Kristina's foot.

Friday:My friends were not on the road yesterday. Today I found out why...Zana was recovering from a beating by her drunken husband. So sad. I did see them today and they were ready for pictures to be taken:0) They want to give them to there family in Italy. So we did a "photo shoot" right there on the sidewalk, laughed and had a great time. They love to see the photo on the digital screen! Afterwards I told them I would bring them the prints on Monday.
It's so nice to see my friends smile. A note on Kristina, her mother wants to wait and see about the foot infection on Monday. So thanks for praying!

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