Monday, September 29, 2008

Straightway...or not so straight trip of our boxes.

During our first 2 years in Albania, we would write a list of the things we missed most and couldn't get here in Albania. While we were in the USA this summer we bought many things to bring back for our next 2 years. We bought, our family and friends and churches by the end of the summer we had 7 boxes to ship back to Albania. We packed, and listed the items and taped the boxes tight (many times) so that we could then drop them off to be shipped. Sounds easy, not. We traveled from SC to WV to DC with those 7 boxes in tow....because of miscommunication between us and the company we were using. We learned alot this go round.
We got them to the freight company in DC with +- 30 minutes to spare. Things were moving right along and they should have arrived 10 days later in Albania...but they go stuck in Italy. Alitalia wouldn't move them on until a polite phone call from our shipping company. Finally, they arrived in Albania! After a whole day of paperwork runaround, Don and Dave were able to get the boxes delivered to our place! That was a huge have them under our roof! It was so fun to go through and sort our Christmas in September! Thank you to everyone who bought things for us to bring is so appreciated!

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