Friday, October 10, 2008

Re-telling of a carrot tale....

The Humble Carrot, originally uploaded by nickwheeleroz.

It was Tuesday; I was walking and doing some shopping with a teammate.
I thought, “I’ll buy some carrots to add to a dinner this week. That has to be a simple, stress-free thing to make.” I made the purchase (with help) and carried my bundle of orange veggies “home”. Immediately, I knew that they would need a 10 minute soak in bleach water. Next, I would need to peel, slice, and boil them before adding them to my wonderfully planned meal.:) I discovered that I didn’t have a veggie peeler or decent knife to do the job. No problem, I’ll just use what I have and be flexible. Let’s just say that I spent an hour peeling those little aggravations with a serrated knife and then they were so ugly looking I just put them in the refrigerator. I’ll deal with them another day. I was now on the hunt for a veggie peeler!

Thursday, while at the Euromax (the only large super market here) I spotted it!
The veggie peeler of my dreams! This was going to work out just fine. Those carrots were going to be on the table and delicious. So by Sunday, I decided it was time to tackle the carrots once again. The new purchase was not quite like my old, trusty peeler that is now sailing across the ocean and on its way here. Jesse- who normally likes to peel carrots—gave up in frustration. So, now the carrot responsibility is back to me. I had to re-peel those things and get them boiling! I peeled, peeled and peeled…sliced, sliced and sliced. By this time I had decided I didn’t even like carrots, why was I going to all this trouble?!

It may have been stubbornness and not wanting to get whipped by a vegetable that made me continue on ---we are now at day 6 of working with these little orange gifts.

WOO HOO!!! It was a celebration when I finally had those orange pieces in the pot and boiling. I put them on high, covered them up and prayed for success.

It took way more time than I had thought to get these beauties to the table…but I have to say that they tasted so much sweeter knowing I didn’t just throw them out the window (literally!).

Now, when I go to market…I have this strange feeling that whatever I buy will not be as easy to get to the table as I once thought, and there’s not a McDonald’s in sight.

Krystal Zollinger
“Cook in training” in Albania

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Jenny Wheelis said...

Well, I feel better by knowing you are in the boat with me!! Happy peeling!!