Monday, November 3, 2008

A "Good" Problem

I have to say that when we had 20 beautiful R. kids in the Bible study last night, my heart wanted to sing! We are in 1 room of a family's "home" and it was packed! It was less than quiet as we they learn to sit still and pay attention. I wonder how many had never heard the story of Moses and how God prepared him for a giant task?!

The kids listened (some better than others), answered questions, sang songs, repeated a memory verse, and had a blast with coloring pages. Now, the problem part is this: it is too many kids for this family to have in their house every week. I know what I think could be an answer to this "problem", others have their own opinions as well. Now, we need to pray, pray, pray and listen to what God's answer is for these children. Also, as you pray could you please ask God to just pour this language down on us as a family. We want so badly to use it(the language) for His glory!

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